The Lacy Landers Center

The Lacy Landers Center provides meaningful work opportunities and activities for individuals with developmental disabilities. These services are designed to increase the capacity for self-independence and to prepare the individual to remain in or return to their family and/or community as a productive member to the fullest extent of their capability. Services are designed to maximize the individual’s social, vocational, emotional and educational functioning.

The center provides pre-vocational and vocational training through performing of a variety of tasks. AEDD contracts with various private enterprises for assembly packaging and manufacturing tasks. This provides individuals an opportunity to develop basic work skills and experience a real work environment while actually earning wages. Individuals are paid competitive wages dependent upon their individual ability to produce. On occasion when work is not available, work habits are reviewed and daily life skills are taught in a class room setting.

Upon entering the Center, each individual is given a comprehensive evaluation. A team comprised of AEDD, State of Arkansas staff, professionals from various disciplines, and the individuals and/or his family members review the evaluation and arrive at an individualized plan of care. This plan identifies strengths and needs in four basic areas: social skills, cognitive skills, communication skills and sensorimotor skills. After goals are set, the plan is implemented and monitored. If you have labor intensive, repetitive tasks that slow down your highly-paid employees, AEDD can help. For more information contact The Lacy Landers Center at (501) 562-6579.

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