Alternative Community Services (ACS)

ACS (Alternative Community Services) is a state and federally funded program for individuals with developmental disabilities. The Waiver program allows individuals to live as independently as possible in the community. The ACS Waiver is an “arrangement” between federal and state governments to have some of the Medicaid rules “waived.” The waiving of rules means that individuals and families can have more choices about how and where they receive services.

AEDD operates numerous homes in Pulaski County as part of the ACS program.

Waiver Program At A Glance:

  • Provides support and supervision in the individual’s home
  • Training in daily living skills
  • Respite for existing care givers
  • Complete transportation services
  • Our goal: increase consumer independence

Community Life Services (CLS)

Community Life Services (CLS) consists of two small Intermediate Care Facilities managed by AEDD. These facilities provide excellent 24-hour services to meet individual needs through a professional and clinical staff.

Direct care staff plays a very important role in the active treatment provided by the facilities. Our members and staff participate in entertaining and rewarding activities such as playing baseball on Little Rock’s Miracle League Field, attending the annual AEDD Prom and participating in the yearly fishing derby held at Pinnacle Mountain State Park.

Quoting one member of CLS...“I have a very big family here!”

CLS At A Glance:

  • 24 hour per day nurse and professional staff
  • 10 clients per house
  • Homelike atmosphere
  • Licensed by the Office of Long Term Care a branch of the Department of Human Services
  • Clients benefit from frequent community interaction (i.e. planned beach trip for Summer 2012)
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