Work Programs and Supported Employment Programs

We provide employment opportunities to disabled individuals under the guidelines and regulations of the U.S. Department of Labor. Skill development in a variety of tasks is provided to individuals served by AEDD. Work opportunities are offered at the 80,000 square foot Adult Skills Training Center in Little Rock, which includes four loading docks, ample work force, and a totally air-conditioned production area. We maintain a staff of both disabled and non-disabled workers, and supervisory personnel.

We have been very successful in meeting the needs of individuals served by our organization, and of businesses who utilize our production, assembly, packaging, labeling, or similar labor intensive tasks at a substantial cost savings. Using this business service also provides work opportunities that require lower skill levels to individuals with disabilities served by AEDD.


  • Provides quality workmanship
  • Reduces costs through workers compensation insurance, payroll taxes, and paperwork savings
  • Guarantees smooth workflow of all projects
  • Assures all production schedules and shipping deadlines are met
  • Guarantees all work performed to meet the highest standards of workmanship and quality
  • Provides accountability for all products and inventories owned by customers, but in possession of AEDD
  • Guarantees customer products and inventories are fully insured by AEDD

Upon entering the Center, each individual is given a comprehensive evaluation. A team comprised of AEDD, State of Arkansas staff, professionals from various disciplines, and the individuals and/or his family members review the evaluation and arrive at an individualized plan of care. This plan identifies strengths and needs in four basic areas: social skills, cognitive skills, communication skills and sensorimotor skills. After goals are set, the plan is implemented and monitored. If you have labor intensive, repetitive tasks that slow down your highly-paid employees, AEDD can help. For more information contact The Lacy Landers Center at (501) 562-6579.

Supported Employment


Adults served by AEDD work in a wide variety of jobs within the community:

  • Our Supported Employment Department supports individuals in every aspect of work from vocational assessment and job development, to on-the-job-training and follow-along support as necessary.
  • The Supported Employment Job Developer’s roll is to coordinate job placement for people with disabilities at local business in the community, while providing ongoing support from professional staff members.
  • Our focus is to develop competitive jobs that allow individuals to earn an income, pay taxes and work in an environment alongside other in the community.

Job Placement

AEDD prides itself on finding the best possible jobs for its clients:

  • Gather and analyze detailed information about an available job and compare it to a worker’s ability and interest.
  • Select an AEDD applicant who is the best match to apply for the position.
  • Set up an interview with the employer.
  • Upon a job offer and acceptance, a Job Coach will be assigned to provide on-the-job training.

Job Coaching

AEDD does its best to make sure that workers have adquate training before or during their supported employment period:

  • A Job Coach is an AEDD employee who is certified by the state to train individuals on the job.
  • Job Coaches assist new employees in learning new job duties.
  • Job tasks are taught in a systematic manner.
  • As employees gain experience and job skills the Job Coach will spend less time supervising, but continue to provide follow-along support by monitoring the employee’s progress on a weekly or monthly basis
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