Our 'Clients'

Imagine the doctor telling you your child has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a genetic disease causing bones to be so brittle they can break just from a slight touch. How do you care for a baby born so prematurely it weighs less than two pounds and needs therapy the first few years of its life? Imagine if, as a toddler, your child is diagnosed as autistic, bound to a wheel chair because of a severe seizure disorder, has no limbs, or is identified as having a developmental disability or delay, which requires special care and therapy. Now imagine that in addition to caring for a child with a disability you face major challenges when it comes to providing optimal care and education for your child, because you live in a low socio-economic environment, or are disabled yourself. Ninety-five percent of the children who attend the Sammie Gail Sanders Children’s Learning Center live in a low socio-economic environment and have a parents that struggle to care for them.

For families in poverty, these challenges can be formidable. Sometimes, when basic necessities are lacking, parents must place top priority on housing, food, clothing, and health care. Educational toys, games, and books may appear to be luxuries, and parents may not have the time, energy, or knowledge to find innovative and less-expensive ways to foster their young children's development. Therefore, our responsibility is to equip the parents with the skills and knowledge to not only foster their children’s development, but to be advocates for their children.

Our mission is to provide necessary services and support for these children and their families. Though technically our 'clients,' the men, women and children we work with are much more than that: they are our friends, members of our community and, ultimately, part of the AEDD family.

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